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  • On hold - Awaiting payment - We're waiting your down-payment! The order will be on hold until the payment will be received.
  • In progress - The order has been recently created, and is waiting for someone to accept it!
  • Processing - Everything is okay, the order has been confirmed and will be completed!
  • Completed - The order is completed!
  • Cancelled - It means that you have cancelled the order!
The items will be delivered trough contract in the shipping location you selected for your order.

The way down-payments work
Let's say that for example, you order some items for the total amount of 3 billion isk. The down-payment is 1.5 billions isk. You pay the down-payment, and once the order is delivered to you trough contracts, you will have to pay the other 1.5 billion isk.
Down-payments are required if an order has more than one billion isk of capital hulls/capital fittings.
For updated information, you can click here and click on the "How to send payments" button
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