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No assembled containers!

Please, do not include any kind of assembled containers in your courier contracts! This includes plastic wraps from other courier contracts. It will result in your contract being cancelled or delayed.

Accept in: 7 days

Complete in: 7 days

Minimum reward: 5m ISK

Contract to: AIR FWeight

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Active routes

StatusEstimated delivery timeFromToRate (ISK * m3)
1 day and 12 minutes Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant 🡘 F-NXLQ - Babylon 5-Bil 1100
1 day, 4 hours and 13 minutes Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant 🡘 G-0Q86 - Kübelialp 900
8 hours and 24 minutes Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant 🡘 J5A-IX - Cheapstar 800
12 hours and 19 minutes X-M2LR VI - Moon 8 - Intaki Commerce Warehouse 🡘 J5A-IX - Cheapstar 325

Step 1: Select the items

Select the items that you want to move from your hangar, and click on the "Create Contract" option in the dropdown. No assembled containers, and remember the limit of 340,000 m3

Step 2: Assign the contract

Select the "Courier" contract type, and assign the contract privately to the freight corporation (in this case, INIT. Freight)

Step 3: Double-check the items

Make sure that all the items that you want to get moved are selected. NO ASSEMBLED CONTAINERS, and remember the limit of 340,000 m3

Step 4: Contract options

For this step, you will need the quote calculator handy. Input the exact location where you want your items moved to under "Ship to", the reward that was calculated by the quote calculator tab, and your desired collateral.
Under expiration and days to complete, you should input the values that are available on this page, which could be updated from time to time. In this case, i've inputted 7 days/7 days.
The description is optional, but feel free to enter whatever instructions or message you want. Finally, click on the "Next" button to go to the final confirmation window.

Step 5: Finalizing the contract

For this last step, just make sure that all the details of the contract are correct. Double check everything. After that, click on the "Finish" button, and your contract will be created. Your items will be moved soon!

Air Fweight

Air Fweight is the official alliance freight service.
The managers are: Slider Arnolles, renoufchr07, Sutonimh
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